Air Pollution Control Technology
Concentrated Oxidation Technology
Energy Recovery Technology
▷ Outline of Regenerative Combustion Equipment

Low-concentration VOCs and stench gases are adsorbed while passing through the concentrator to be emitted through a stack as a clean gas. Part of the gases are used as a cooling gas, being 5~10% of the adsorbed gas.

A detached gas is a mixture of oxidation calorie and external air from the regeneration oxidation equipment, passing through the adsorption layer at 200℃ temperature.

At this time, the adsorbed gas is detached and then converted into a high concentration and small flow rate condition, and then sent to the regeneration combustion equipment.

Gases are discharged to the outside as a clean gas like water steam and carbon dioxide through a high temperature oxidation process in regeneration combustion equipment. A concentrator is a system to minimize fuel consumption using gas’s own calories by concentrating this low concentration and large flow rate process exhaust gas into a high concentration and small flow rate gas.
▷The Principle Of Concentrator
Volatile organic compound gases(VOC) are inpoured from the process exhaust gas and adsorbed while passing through the rotor. The volatile organic compound of the inflow gas is adsorbed in the adsorption rotor doped with a zeolite function agent(adsorption purification efficiency: 93%).
Volatile organic compounds are adsorbed in the rotor, and other clean air is discharged into the stack.
The volatile organic compound adsorbed into the rotor moves to a high temperature zone along with the operation of the rotor to be separated and detached from the rotor by a high temperature air.
The rotor heated to a high temperature moves to a purge area doing a cooling function again, is cooled by the cooling air, and moves to an adsorption area.
The gas detached to a high temperature is sent to the combustion equipment to be burnt(inflow concentration: 3~15 times).
The rotor rotates at a constant speed due to a driving motor, so performs an adsorption → detachment → cooling → adsorption function continuously.
A driving connection chain between the motor and the rotor.
▷ Characteristic Of VOC Concentrator And Applicability

1) Characteristic of Concentrator

Economic in low concentration and big flow.
Respond to changes in airflow and the concentration is easy.
Fuel and energy costs are lower.
Preprocessing equipment is needed.
An absorbent’s periodical play and replacement are needed.

2) Concentrator Applicability

Printing plant, the painting process