Company History
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ARECA is the air pollution prevention facility supplier that is trying to solve a part of the pollution problem.
We have grown into a company goes one step ahead of environmental facilities through constant researches and experiments to develop new technologies.

Since company was established, we have been focusing on expanding its own technology and developing the regeneration combustion equipment itself which is a new way of VOC treatment facility beyond the existing damper way.
The import substitution effects at an affordable price as well as high-efficiency, have opened up new horizons in the field of domestic environmental facilities.
At the same time, Securing independent technology in the field of domestic VOC treatment.
ARECA has focused on providing the optimum equipment considering characteristic by VOC's emission source, types, process parameters from the VOC's emissions.

We have continued technology development efforts to provide the best satisfaction about performance to the users on the basis of plentiful experiment and accumulated technology.
So we will contribute to enhancement of domestic environment by developing the VOC advanced technology continuously.