:: Customer Information :: (Required fields)
Corporation Name ex) areca
Discharge Source ex) Printing Facility
ex) 69-3 Sagang-ri, Songsan-myeon, Hwaseong-city, Gyeonggi-do, 445-874, Korea
E-mail ex) dy@rto.co.kr
Department ex) Technical Department
Position ex) Assistant Manage
Person in Charge ex) Geun-Shick Park
Telephone ex) +82-31-498-8787
Fax ex) +82-31-498-8787

:: Exhaust Gas Information ::
Exhaust Gas Flow (㎥/min) ex) 250
Standard gas Flow (N㎥/min) ex) 199
Temperature of Exhaust Gas(℃) ex) 70
A kind of Exhaust Gas
Occurring concentrations (ppm)
The amount of Gas (kg/hr)

:: Fuel Gas Supply ::
Diesel ex) Yes or No
LNG ex) Yes or No
LPG ex) Yes or No
Hours of operation (hr/day) ex) 24
Days of Operation (Day/Month) ex) 30
Days of Operation (Day/Year) ex) 365

:: Electric Power Supply ::
Main Power(V) ex) AC 220V
Control Power(V) ex) AC 220V
Hz ex) AC 60Hz

:: Etc ::
Explosion-proof ex) Yes or No
Waterproof ex) Yes or No
Installation Location ex) Outdoor or Indoor